Saturday, February 5, 2011


Can't believe I've finally done it ... a BLOG ... well, the start of one anyway!
Only the beginning ... but you have to start somewhere!
Thankyou to all the 'encouragers' and to Jeanne from Early Bird Graphics for helping with my 'new look'.

It's been a bit of a journey and a huge learning curve for me, but here I am - so welcome! Welcome to AnnaMarie where I hope to share not just what I've been doing, but discover all the wonderful things others are doing.

The BIG Fabric Box 
The original small Fabric Boxes were very popular leading up to Christmas.  But there were quite a few enquires whether 'I would make them in a larger size'.  
Well, here it is ...

THE BIG ONE (Approx 265w x 265d x 280h mm)

Small(Approx 150w x 100d x 150h mm)
 Medium (Approx 220w x 200d x 200h mm)

A special thankyou to Tara for being my 'Big BIG Box Tester'.
Click to see more photos  SMALL  &  LARGE  Fabric Boxes



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