Saturday, February 19, 2011


Decided to swap the Sewing Machine for the mixer today! 
Just finished another batch of Yo Yo's for the local community shop.  
This is the best recipe ever - but don't be thinking of those calories! ...

250gms Butter
125gms Custard Powder
90gms Icing Sugar
250gms Self Raising Flour
(Icing - Lemon juice & Icing sugar )
Mix all ingredients together until it forms a smooth dough.  Roll into round balls* place on biscuits tray lined with baking paper. Press gently with fork and bake in moderate oven until just turning golden. (*Walnut sized for average biscuits, or marble sized for bite-sized biscuits)
When cool, put together with a thick icing made from icing sugar and lemon juice.  
Roll in 100's n 1000's if desired. Enjoy!

Package them up with cellophane and ribbon and pop in a little gift basket with some other goodies for a great gift.  (My little Fabric Baskets would be just perfect, if you wanted to check out my photos!)

Half the enjoyment of eating, is it's presentation...
Found some great edible gift ideas on Madeit ....

Dessert Menu Please





Friday, February 11, 2011


It's been a fun week learning all about 'Facebook' (only to have it change and then have to get used to the new look).  Anyway, meeting lots of wonderful talented and creative people. Amazing!

If you haven't already guessed, I'm very partial to Polka Dots.

There's a wonderful Blog dedicated to all things 'spotty'. On the Dot Creations. Check it out.

Always great things to discover on Madeit.
Just love these Polka Dot items ...

Cute little dress from Hannah Banannas

Spotty Magnets from Finella

Dribble Bib from Love from Annie


Saturday, February 5, 2011


Can't believe I've finally done it ... a BLOG ... well, the start of one anyway!
Only the beginning ... but you have to start somewhere!
Thankyou to all the 'encouragers' and to Jeanne from Early Bird Graphics for helping with my 'new look'.

It's been a bit of a journey and a huge learning curve for me, but here I am - so welcome! Welcome to AnnaMarie where I hope to share not just what I've been doing, but discover all the wonderful things others are doing.

The BIG Fabric Box 
The original small Fabric Boxes were very popular leading up to Christmas.  But there were quite a few enquires whether 'I would make them in a larger size'.  
Well, here it is ...

THE BIG ONE (Approx 265w x 265d x 280h mm)

Small(Approx 150w x 100d x 150h mm)
 Medium (Approx 220w x 200d x 200h mm)

A special thankyou to Tara for being my 'Big BIG Box Tester'.
Click to see more photos  SMALL  &  LARGE  Fabric Boxes